Machinery State 

Machinery State (MS) is one of the largest online marketing platform, in the world, for Buying, Selling and Rental, your Heavy items or equipment from your doorstep.

We offer, first time, the marketplace to our users who are Mechanics or skilled personals to advertise themselves on our website and tell people who you are? And what can you do for them? Machinery State launched in 2019, has the mission to bring everyone who needs heavy items or equipment to the dealers and independent owners who sell and rent it. We believe in supporting small business and our user’s requirements through robust search capabilities while keeping an eye on an easy visitor’s experience. We make it easy to do business for everyone and anywhere in the world.


Ask for Shipping

Ask Machinery State to ship any product to your port.

Ask for Inspection

Our inspectors can visit any place to inspect machinery for you.

Ask for Product

Looking for a product you don't find online! Try us...

Seller Access

Machinery State offers different styles of listing for our sellers

All listing methods are available for every seller, and they can easily access from dashboard to add product to desired selling category.

  • Auction Listing
  • Rental Listing
  • Mechanics Listing
  • Parts Listing
  • Stock Listing

Buyer Access

Machinery State offers, its buyers to choose four big industries and 500 plus different categories.

All listing are categoriesed on website and easy to access with detail information regarding product is listed online for buyer's to choose product.

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Bus,Truck/Trailor,RV

Machinery state thanks to all the customers from many countries who have offered their strong support and ongoing relationship with it. We will keep our best efforts to provide you with the extra profit opportunities. We have a strong confidence that we can keep, a long, stable and excellent business relationship with you through our website. We, like you, are looking forward to continuing this wonderful and mutually beneficial relationship in the future as well.